Roman Flores at Market Restaurant

Roman joins the Market team with nearly 20 years of hospitality experience in restaurants and hotels. He came to the Napa Valley in 1990 and started working as a dishwasher at Spring Street Restaurant. Knowing hard work and determination would pay off, he eagerly watched and learned all he could, working his way up to Head Chef. In 1994, the opportunity to be on the opening team of Rutherford Grill drew him away from Spring Street Restaurant. The energy of the kitchen was addictive and he simultaneously worked at several restaurants including Napa Valley Grille, BistoryJeanty, and Brava Terrace, as well as with Wine Valley Catering and Linda Thomas Catering.

In 1999, while working at Gail’s Oldies & Goodies, Roman sought to diversify his career and took a second job at the Harvest Inn to manage their culinary division. Entering the hotel world, Roman’s energy and drive promoted him to Housekeeping Manager after a few short months, and he managed the department for five years. He then transitioned to the Vintage Estate, overseeing the housekeeping department for Vintage Inn and Villagio Inn & Spa in Yountville.

In 2008, Roman was approached by his brother-in-law Ernesto, with a proposition to become business partners and purchase Market Restaurant. Excited at the idea of returning to the culinary world and fulfilling his dream of owning a restaurant, Roman happily accepted and became Managing Partner in July of 2008.

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