Oscar Martinez


Oscar Martinez came to the United States in 2004 with the dream of making a better life for him self. His first job was at South Bridge Hotel. Shortly after that he started working at Silverado Restaurant as a dishwasher.

His Goal was to one day become a Chef, the kitchen, the food and the service was his real passion. Oscar’s intentions were to improve himself day by day and with the support of his family he saw his dream getting closer. “I knew that with every sacrifice that I  made was for the better of myself and my family which was my main motivation”.

After five months working as a dishwasher Oscar got his first opportunity to work in the kitchen as a prep cook, this was the first of many challenges that he had coming his way. Shortly after that, he started as a pantry cook at Market restaurant. Here is where he started challenging himself to learn something new each day. As the time passed Oscar climbed his way up the various positions in the kitchen, he enjoyed cooking for people and it made him happy to know the guest were pleased with his food. His hard work payed off when they offered his the position of Sou Chef at Market Restaurant. For Oscar having the position of Sou Chef was a such a gratifying feeling to know that all the hard work he put in and the sacrifices he had made had payed off.

All the years Oscar has been in the United States he has had his ups and downs but with the support of his family everything is possible. “After all these years working at Market Restaurant I still learn new thing every day, I challenge myself and my co-workers so together we can create a happy and memorable experience for our guest when they walk out the door.